Q: engine overheating on 1996 Dodge Stratus

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My engine is getting very hot very quickly yet the rad and hoses are relatively cool. Is this the thermostat sticking closed and if so where is it located? I have been told it is not the head gasket as the oil is clean as is the coolant.
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Just because the oil has no trace of coolant in it does not necessarily rule out head gasket problems. Does the cooling fans turn on as the engine gets hot?
The thermostat is quite simple to replace. Drain coolant from the radiator drain. The thermostat is located in the housing where the coolant fill cap is. Remove the two bolts securing the housing, replace the O-Ring and thermostat, refill the cooling system turn the heater to full hot and run the engine until the cooling fan cycles on and off, top up the coolant after the engine has cooled down. Allow the fan to come on again and then drive the car. After driving the car check for leaks and top up the coolant as required.
just tried to replace the thermostat tonight based on this answer and I think the answer is wrong. The thermostat is not easy to get to on a 2.4L engine. It is not in the housing where you fill the coolant. It is behind and below and very difficult to get to.
Sorry - my car is the v6 2.5L. I wish I had the 2.4L because I am about ready to take the car into the shop to have them replace the thermostat. I can't seem to get to all the bolts and am mad about spending any money on this car since it should be scrapped.