Q: engine overheating on 2002 BMW 325i

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My car started overheating, the hand went to the red, the coolant was low and the engine was obviously hot but I was able to take the radiator cap off without releasing pressure and it didnt steam. there did seem to be coolant dripping underneath but I couldnt see where it was coming from. I was wondering what could be the cause. I just purchased the vehicle and was panning to change the hoses anyway and also the water pump and thermostat.
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Hello , sounds like the water pump may be leaking .. It is difficult to see because the timing bely actyually runs the water pump, and is behind the timing belt cover,the best way to tell is to add a coolant dye to the cooling system , fill up the cooling system with water and let the car run.. the dye will show up as a very florecent yello color.. you can buy it ( the dye ) at most parts stores