Q: Engine Overheated on 2008 BMW X5

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57,000 miles on car. Drove car 5 miles at night and it overheated. Went home checked fluids level and it was ok. Next day, drove car 10 miles before engine overheated, again. Is this a known problem on a 2008 X5? What could be the cause?
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This is a new engine design from BMW. The block is magnesium, the water pump is electrical, all bolts to the engine blocks are aluminum etc...
You should have warranty and I'd suggest to take it back to the dealership.
I have seen surprisingly "few" broken aluminum head bolts at the front of the engine not holding the cyl. head tight. It seems that aluminum and magnesium won't expend evenly as much as they thought..... What the dealership usually does in this case, replace the broken bolts first and if it won't repair the problem (usually not), they replace the whole engine. You should document every case of engine problem with the dealer for further warranty claim and whenever it overheats call their road service and send the car to them. It's free while you have warranty.
But don't assume the worst just yet, it could be a bad cooling system component. Let them figure out.

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