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Q: Engine oil usage on 2009 BMW 750Li

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I have had this car one year with less than 8,000 miles and have had to add 3 quarts of oil, 2 in the last 3 months! Now we had the car serviced and the oil changed about a month ago and the warning light came on telling me to add a quart of oil. I have had 3 previous BMW 7 series and have never had to add any oil! the dealer tols my wife that this is normal.
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Trust me. BMW will dance around it until it is a major problem. Google the term "BMW 750 valve guide seals". Im fighting BMW now about the same thing.
My 2006 750Li has me add a quart every 1000miles - for the last year - with my driving that is every month ... Frustrated.
Dealer/service gave same run around.
@skrontz, what fight are you taking up with BMW?
I have a 2007 Bmw 750Li. i have the same issue....i got it checked by a BMW center and it turned out to be oil cooler line is leaking oil...very little you cannot notice by a day of parking. Please get it checked.
I do not want to be a part of this club... but here I am! I have owned 5 - 7 series BMWs! I currently have an '09 750 that I recently purchased with 30,000 miles. On my first "road trip" I was part of a caravan of parents driving kids on a 5 hour trip. The entire caravan (of Hondas, Chevy's etc.) had to pull over on the highway with me while I bought oil at a rest stop for my BMW because my dashboard warning said I HAD to add oil. I got the same idiotic information from my dealer - normal usage, expect to add oil frequently. They even suggested I carry oil in my trunk. Are you kidding me??? It's been about 1500 miles since then and guess what?? I am almost down to MIN and will need to add again.
My local BMW repair guy (not a dealer) said to definitely change the oil every 5000. He changed it for me today (so much for the warranty oil changes every 15,000).
This may be my last BMW. It's so unacceptable.
I have the same 2009 BMW 750li and with less than 10000 miles and have added 3 quarts of oil as well. I have also been told by the dealer that this is normal and should subside as more miles are put on the engine and things start to settle in. Not sure I am buying this explanation. I have also had two prior 7 series 2007 and 2008.
Here's my sad story. BMW lies, lies and then just keeps on lying. My 2009 750li that I Ieased brand new and stupidly bought out at end of lease, took a dump and required new motor at 90,000. I complained about excessive oil usage for 3 years. I kept a log for 3 years. A quart of oil every 1200-1500 miles. I had the car in the shop 7-8 times and they continually told me they couldn't find anything wrong. Meanwhile my warranty expired and my extended warranty expired. My service advisor once told me privately that BMW was aware of the issue but had not released a fix. They even had me rush the car over as soon as the light came on, drained the oil, and measured it to make sure. They kept giving me free oil but never fixed it. At 90,000 miles the car acted like the tranny was slipping. I took it in again. Car was there 6 weeks. They first said I needed a new transmission, cost $12,000. Two days later they called and stated it only needed a new computer, cost $2500. Three days later they called to say the car had 3 scarred cylinders and major valve guide issues. (Mind you, this was one week after picking up the vehicle after a 7week stay with assurance that every possible test and scope was performed and the engine was fine.) Repair, new motor, cost 24,000. BMW/NA offered to cover $6000.00. My advice, if you have a 7 series that runs, sell it immediately. Personally, I am pursuing litigation unfortunately I probably waited too long for lemon law. Just know this, my service advisor was a decent guy, a friend that almost lost his job for telling me about secret info, but the fact is, they have no choice but to lie to you. BMW is a horrible employer, reminiscent of their Nazi roots, if your advisor ever stops lying to you, they will be fired. In hindsight, my other possible solution might have been to have the car serviced at a non-dealer allowed to work under warranty. If such an animal exists. Any thoughts appreciated.
I also have a 2009 750Li. At 8,000 miles, I had added 3 quarts of oil. The dealer says BMW spec is that it could use up to a quart every 1,500 miles. At 13,000 miles, I've now added a total of 5 quarts of oil. I've never had to add oil between oil changes. This is my 5th 7 series, and while the design is much nicer than the previous version, the mechanics are not.
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