Q: Engine oil pressure low on 2004 BMW 530i

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i live in lebanon. i bought 530i from germany where the weather is very cold. i am have a problem that everytime i push the car too hard i get a message that "Engine oil pressure low" but it appears only when i stop for a few seconds only. certainly the air condition in ON. i changed the oil 5 times and i removed the cover that cover the car from below. i need to know what is the necessary modification to drive a car in middle east.
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Here's a good forum to get info about your BMW sounds like 15/40 is the recommended viscosity for hot weather as the lower weight oils ( 5/30 or 10/30 ) get very thin when its hot and with the engine idling at a low RPM.
Hi, could you ever solved this? what was the problem? which oil do you use right now?
have the same problem, i live in south america