Q: Engine oil comsumption from 4.5 quarts to 3.5 quarts when do the oil change on 2005 Honda Odyssey

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My Odyssey 2005, I have noticed my 5th times when changing oil & filter, the drained oil only collected at around 3.5 quarts. At one time there was only at 3 quarts. I do my oil every 5-6k miles. I have no leak oil, so where do the oil go? I have ran 68k on my van, should I bring this concern to the Honda dealer?
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first of all yu need to check your oil often and add as needed to keep up the level. letting it get low can cause internal engine problems and maybe requiring engine replacement.
you are prbably burning a small amount and wont notice it out the tail pipe because the cat converter eats it up. change you viscosity to 10-40 and see what happens.