Q: engine mounts on 1996 Oldsmobile 88

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where do i find the engine mounts in the front
(1) Answer
Drive line mounts on GM front wheel drive cars can be a bit confusing. Let's see if I can clear things up a bit. The front (and only) ENGINE mount on your 1996 Oldsmobile 88 is located at the front of the ENGINE which is on the right side of the car. The two other drive line mounts are located on the TRANSMISSION (front and rear on the left side o the car). Here is where the confusion comes in. Some will call the left front TRANSMISSION mount the front ENGINE mount when in reality the front engine mount is at the front of the engine on the left side. Your best bet to order and replace the correct mount is to get a illustration from your local parts store or GM dealer so that you can show them exactly which mount you wish to replace.