Q: engine mount failure replaced by Buick for a fee heater blower motor replaced. on 2004 Buick LeSabre

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Any other reports? My last three cars for my wife have been Toyota Prius never any problems. Would never buy American again. The sane for my Brother he has had 5 Toyotas all high mileage. No problems. He had a Ford Focus for 6 months took a loss and replaced with Toyota.
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That Buick is a good car!! Got 3 Toyota's myself but from a mechanics view point Buick is a good dependable vehicle! Not my first trip either, if you know what i mean! Based on the many makes I've had come into the shop over the 'years'.!! Nothing wrong with American cars, just have to know some more about them, talk to a mechanic that's been in business for a good while! That's where more people need to check before buying!!! Can tell you many makes/models NOT to buy, foreign and domsetic alike!