Q: Engine missing on 1993 Toyota Camry

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My camry has 147000 miles on it. Not much problem. It now is missing and running very rough. Replaced plugs ,wires ,ect... No help. Any ideas?
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If you have replaced the ignition components and still have an engine that has a misfire the problem can be mechanical or fuel related. A compression check could show up a mechanical problem. Your car has shim adjusted valves a tight valve could cause a misfire. Can you check intake manifold vacuum it should be 21 inches at idle low vacuum could be a tight valve or other mechanical problem. Next avenue to check is the fuel injectors. A simple test (not the ultimate test) is to listen to the injectors with the engine running. You should hear the injectors all make the same clicking sound. any auto parts store or Sears sell a cheap stethoscope. A vacuum leak can also cause a misfire, intake manifold gasket, plenum gasket or a perished vacuum hose.