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Q: Engine misfiring after adding gas from a 5 gal gas can. on 2006 Ford Taurus

Codes taken at Advanced Auto Shop read misfire in cylinders 2 and 3.

Removed gas filter. Soot/Dirt was found in the filter on the side running between the filter and gas tank and Clean gas was found on the side of the filter leading to the engine.

Replaced gas filter and all six spark plugs. used Seafoam Gas treatment and STP Fuel injector cleaner 93 Octane and 93 octane gas.
But car still hesitates when in drive.
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The following appeared on the diagnostic test kit device:

"Code P0 351
Ignition Coil 'A' Primary-Secondary Circuit"

Probably be best to have a scanner that can read 'live data' to diagnose. May be several different causes. Did you put OEM plugs in or something the parts store said would work or was 'better'?
Correction: Six Autolite Copper Spark Plugs installed.

Yesterday, Advance sales tech said cylinders 2 & 3 continue to misfire and suggested Ignition coil may be causing bulk of the misfires.

Today I had a computerized engine analysis done ($69.00) at a local 'Tire Choice' shop. The manager said that the misfire in cylinder #2 was due to a faulty ignition coil and misfire in #3 was due to a faulty ignition wire. Sounds fishy. He recommended replacement of the ignition coil and all six ignition wires leading to the coil. Also needed was a new air filter and a fuel injection infusion service to remove gunk that has built up. I'll wait for your take. I can do everything except an injector infusion as I don't have the equipment.
I can't diagnose a faulty coil or wires on-line but it does sound like a good possibility that a wire is bad.What I would suggest , if you're doing this yourself , is to get the wires from the dealer-NOT advance!!!!! The main reason I say that is because you stated that you put 6 'autolite COPPER' plugs in. OEM is platinum- big difference! I would put the correct plugs in and a set of wires first , then confirm that the misfire blamed on the wire is gone and if the other is still present then maybe replace the coil pack. If your saving the money on labor , treat yourself to factory parts! Much better results!!
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