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Q: Engine makes a knocking rubbing sound when AC is on when brakes are applied. on 2007 Chrysler Sebring

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Because of this problem I have replaced the compressor three times but the problem noise will not go away. The machanics can't seem to permantently resolved the problem. I have had the belt, tensioners and pullies replaced along with the compressor. I just had the compressor replaced today and the noise has started again. It only does this when the AC is on and the temperature is above 90 degrees. I need help!
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You mention 'A/C on and brakes applied' In the repairs listed I didn't see any mention of brakes. It confuses me as to why an A/C compressor would be replaced for a noise that occurs when brakes are applied.Did I misunderstand the phrasing?
Yes, the brakes were replaced when I had the compressor replaced four weeks ago. For the fourth time I had the compressor replaced yesterday and today my AC is out again; so back to the shop Monday. Whatever is causing the noise is effecting the AC compressor.
Have they given any plausible reason for the A/C failure , and HOW is the compressor failing -is it locking-up internally? Is it kicking on ,making noise but just not cooling. They may have to much oil in the system.
They have not given a reason in the past. When the noise occurs I know that soon the compressor will soon fail. The noise occurs when the engine is on, backing out or when I stop and the care is idling. When the AC is off there is no noise. I plan to take it back to the shop Monday, I will probable be out of more money without an resolution. I turned on the AC the compressor did not turn.
If It's been to the same shop for the same problem several times, and you've done what they suggested, it's time for you to tell them to fix it right or don't get any more money! Reading back on this 'thread' it seems like there just guessing and getting as much money as they can. Why won't they warranty the compressors?(if they're not).
It is under warranty, 12 months or 12,000 miles. He told me if it's not what they repaired and it's another problem it will cost me. Thanks for your input and assessment of the problem.
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