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1995 Ford Contour Question: engine lights

i had a new themostatat and water pump put in when i went to get the car from the mechanic and left my abs, traction control, and coolant lights are on mechanic says he can't figure out whats wrong no codes come up on computor can you help -
Answer 1
Is it possible he forgot to reconnect a wire connector or ground somewhere? There's a way to test the coolant level sensor (just a simple continuity test while the sensor tip is submerged). I would trace the wires and make sure I didn't forget a connector and didn't pinch wires somewhere. This may be a combination of things as well. Also make sure your battery is fully charged because ABS/traction systems are very sensitive to the battery voltage and will turn on the warning lights if the voltage drops below a certain level. hope this helps! -
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