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Q: engine light stays on on 1996 Geo Metro

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i have taken the car to two shops at $400. a pop and the light still stays on and will not pass emissions, only by default.
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Ours was the same, took it to our local mechanic and he fixed for $130, it was sensor that had gone bad - check engine light off and passed inspection.
Do the invoices show what the trouble code that is stored in memory? Someone here can try to help if you have that information. Is there any drivability symptoms that you're experiencing? (rough running, stalling, hesitations, surging, etc).

Generally no car will pass an emissions test when the engine light is illuminated as that indicates a fault in the emissions system

In California there used to be something that if you have already spent 400 or 500 attempting to bring the car to code, you would be passed. It's worth looking in to up where you are since you've already apparently spent a good amount trying to repair the light.
have you taken it back to either of the shops since they did not repair the compaint?
I know what you mean you want to have it really fixed so this whole thing doesn't pop up again in 2 years. If you can find one of the invoices (maybe even the first smog failure), the trouble code(s) may be listed.

I know some Autozone's will scan the codes for free but I know some have stopped doing that. You might try calling around if you really need the codes read again
yes i have taken it back and for more money they can dig deeper into the problem. i was able to get it thru emissions because i spent $400, to try and fix it. so now in two more years i will be doing it again. i am looking for the receipt to find the code so far no luck. the car runs great and always has no problems with anything execpt the engine light staying on. fault code p0400 exhaust gas recirculation flow.
I do Smog work in CA and I have found that the P0400 EGR codes for Geos are really tough. There is a GM bulletin that has about 20+ steps to check for this code and if that all checks out, then you have to replace the engine computer. I would take your car to a State referee station ( that's is what we call them in CA) If the EGR system is working but the code still comes up because the computer is not seeing the correct function of the EGR system, then the referee (in CA ) will pass the car). I had a Geo that I spent 2 weeks on and finally I took it to the Ref. The tailpipe readings for Nox ( what the EGR system helps) were 10 ppm, so the system was working like new. The Ref saw this and passed the car.
Check Eng. light codes are decoded for free . at some part stores. auto zone for one. 1996 models and later.
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