Q: Engine Light On. on 2006 Land Rover LR3

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Engine light came on. I'm at about 59k miles. Could this be a minor problem. Don't want to panic and take to the dealership and it's just a service warranty.
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The light is an indicative of a failure in your vehicle's emissions control system. (Check Engine Light article in RepairPal Encyclopedia;

Make sure the gas cap is properly tighten. There is a code, recorded in the vehicle's computer right when the light came on. The best practice is to retrieve the code and diagnose the problem.
Check engine lights can be caused by several if not hundreds of small and or big problems. It is worth getting it checked out to make sure its not something big. But if all the gauges read good and the truck runs well more then most it is just a sensor problem.
I had the same problem and sought advice from a LR Mechanic who suggested changing the starter motor, other suggestions were to replace 02 Sensors (they are a service item) the last one was to replace the surpentine drive belt and belt tensioner. I replaced all three in the order above and the serpentine belt was the one that took out the light. the mechanic was convinced the starter motor was the problem (turned out to be a big job)and expensive, good job I want to keep the car which I bought new in 2005 and want to maintain for as long as i can.