Q: engine light is now on. AC does not work! on 2003 Mercury Sable

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changed plugs, vacuums, hoses. no leaks. plenum re-fitted. engine light came on after two days of stop light engine surge 200 rpm then down ...two seconds later does it again. AC went out by noon and it one year old! i know the computor figured lean because of possible plenum leak! now engine light still on and AC is not working!
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you poss have other leaks also,have codes read and get a smoke test done to see where thy are. could also be injectors, mass air flow, egror fuel pressure. these are diff to diag at times. a/c may be a diff issue unless cool air is coming out of def vents, if so that could be vac related also
code 1633

better keep it charged up! says on top of scanner to check battery.
then it could be a plethora of things! PCM (new) and working fine(AC) new within 2 years and it was fine until I put plenum back on first time! 2nd time AC still worked. The AC went out after two days of surge to 1100 rpm then down to 900 when at stop signs. AC went out---clutch is done????
I will look up 1633 code.
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