Q: Engine light consistently on. Rat chewed wires. Electronic control module scan. on 2004 Toyota Tacoma

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Wires replaced.ECM cleared and reset. New air/fuel ratio sensor installed. 60k tune up done. 4 new fuel injectors installed. Toyota dealerstill stumped. A month and $2,000 has gone by since the rat bit my taco. Dealer is now consulting with the national techies. Ever heard of anything
remotely like this?
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They may be stumped because the rats didn't tell them about ALL of the wires they chewed. AND I would never offer a rat a bite of my taco! If rodents and wires are involved , it will require patience , and yes yours is not the only situation like that unfortunatly.
Thanks ziptie; I've got over 30 days of patience under my belt. I'll post resolution hopefully in a couple of days...

I don't have that info. I'll see if I can find out from the dealer, however, you would think that their knowing that would have directed them to the problem. So far codes have detected: chewed wires, fuel sensor,
and fuel injectors in that order.