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Q: Engine light comes on after 25 miles on 2005 Chrysler Pacifica

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Catalitic converter,timing belt, water pump, timing sensor, Ox sensor, EGR valve,have been replaced, light still comes on. Shows a code 2096 which is still a lean burn. Could it possibly be the up stream Ox sensor, or do you have any suggestions?This problem began with a shorted out dead battery.This vehicle has been to three different Chrysler dealers. I was in the automotive business for 33 years, been out of the business for 19 years......your help is appreciated. Going back to the dealer on Monday!
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I have a 04 Pacifica, i bought it in july. one month later the engine light turned on. since then it keeps cgoing on/off. in the mean time i replace the cathaltic converter, becase somthing cause to burn the cone inside the converter. then the light turned off for a while. it came on again, I finnaly took it to a Chrysler Dealer after some other mechanic how can diagnose in his shop, was not able to red the code"2096". once Itook it to Chrysler Dealer they did the diagnoses but were not able to give me a straight answer. first they said it was 2 pin holls in my cathalitic converter, and "possible" the down stream O2 sensor. I had fixed the pin holls. light was off. it came on again. I took it again to the same place where I did the cathalitic converter and they told me that the down stream O2 sensor looks like new. sooo, I went back to C Dealer, I spoke to the manager and he said that I have a lean condition on my car, and the code "2096" is a stored code, that my O2 sensors work fine (after he hooked the computer on the car), and that he really has not an answer for it. He sugested me to leve the car there for them to drive it with the computer hooked on it until the light comes on and the computer will detect in that case the CAUSE (computer will record 30 sec befor the light goes on, the moment it goes on, and 30 sec after).I am so tired going from one place to another. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE. I needdddd help with this. Thank you.
I have an 05, that was (is) doing the same thing, I have a very honest mechanic I take it to,...and he just resets it for me, and says that light goes on when I repeatedly run my gas too low. He advised me to keep my tank above half and use only good quality gas. He said it is a sensitive car that way. So far, no other problems, and what he says seems to be very accurate!
I have a 2005 that has been doing this for over a year. It started after I hit a deer and creamed out the front end. It is getting worse, there is a definate hesitation and occationally stalls now. I am wondering if there is a short in the wiring (caused by the deer accident).
Did the shop figure out what was causing this problem? And have they charged you for all the parts that have been replaced and not fixed this problem?
Hi Mary,
I like the idea of having recording the data at the moment of the fault occurring, this shop is trying to find the problem and that is what a good shop does. So as I understand it, you have had the Catalytic Converter replaced, but not the O2 sensor? Has the dealer checked to see that the PCM software is up to date?

Trouble Code: P2096 (3.5L V6 VIN 4 Auto)
Possible Causes:
* Exhaust leak
* Engine mechanical problem
* O2 Sensor has failed
* O2 Sensor signal circuit or return circuit problem
* Fuel contamination
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