Q: Engine Light Blinking, Cylinder #1 Misfire on 2001 Mazda Millenia

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Was driving when I noticed the engine was slightly knocking, I looked down and noticed the engine light blinking. After about 10 minutes of driving the knocking ceased but the engine light continued blinking. Turns out I have a Cylinder #1 Misfire. I dont understand!! What could be the problem? I just had the Coil Packs and Spark Plugs replaced last year.. Or I think. His shop is now close and Im living in a diffrent state. I dont see that he changed the wires. Im hoping its the wires. I dont know. Thats why Im come on Repair Pal. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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If the wires were not replaced, well that was very poor work. Get a good set of NKG wires, don't go cheap or you will regret it. And then clear the code, by disconnecting the NEG battery cable for about 1 minute. Then test drive and see how the car runs.
Thanks for the reply. I have the receipt of what he did but who's to say what actually got done. The guy was only in business for about 8 months. If I do change the wires and it dont work what would you suggest? Or from how I described it what would you think the problem would be?