Q: engine light and car jerks on 1994 Toyota Corolla

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When the temperature gets warm outside, the car is fine, but when it is cold or damp outside my car will kick the check engine light on and my car will jerk. If my car is in park, the engine light will come on and my car will idle down. However, if I am driving the car and the engine light kicks on sometimes my engine or transmission feels like it jerks backwards but sometimes just the light will come on. Some have told me it is the computer, others have said the engine or transmission. Please help!
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Your car has on board diagnostics that are pretty simple for this year. The fact that your car has had the Check Engine Light come on means the computer in your car should have seen and recorded the problem. You should have the computer codes checked to see what your cars computer has seen or "thinks" is wrong with your car. I would strongly suspect your car has an ignition related problem. If the spark plug wires have have an episode of insulation break down your engine will misfire. The spark plugs are down in a spark plug tube in the center of the cylinder head. Often the tubes fill with oil if the valve cover gasket tube seals leak. Check/replace the spark plugs, spark plug wires and distributor cap. I have also seen the ignition coils break down under load but I think the problem should be easy to find by any auto mechanic, the car is simple and the problem is probably very basic.
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