Q: engine light on 2001 BMW 325Ci

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Code po444 evap emission sys purge control valve circuit open.
The light resets sporadically and with a code and without the code. Other times it will wait for the next key turn. The technician looked for the controlling mechanism in the wheel well of the spare tire, but nothing was there. The hole which allows the wiring to pass has a rubber plug. He had not seen this before.
Please advise. The state will not renew my license tags with the light on. I want, desperately, to avoid the $dealer$.
(1) Answer
These systems will check for faults only during certain conditions, so that can explain the sporadic nature of the light coming on and going off. You may need to take this to a dealer or to a BMW shop for the best results. Find someone who is familiar with your vehicle, rather than spend time and money paying people to educate themselves about your car.