Q: engine light on 2000 BMW Z3

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Hello. Failed inspection for diagnostic trouble codes - P1188, P1189 and P1250. any ideas what these are and how much it will cost to repair?
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Codes P1188 and 1189 have to do with Fuel Trim. P1250 is a manufacturer Fuel Metering code, which is basically the same thing. --> Check this article I composed about Diagnosing Fuel Trim Issues. The thing to remember is that this is NOT an Oxygen Sensor problem, many Techs and Shops make the mistake of replacing Oxygen Sensors. The Oxygen Sensors have to be working correctly to even set this code . Have a good German Shop check your Fuel Trim numbers. If there is no Vacuum leaks, be suspicious of the Mass Air Flow Sensor.
I have the same thing going on with the same exact codes now is this issue so serius where i shouldnt drive the car?