Q: engine light on 1994 Toyota Corolla

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I had the following service done on my car- relace engine mounts. tune up, radiator hose. Two days later the engine light came on. I took the car to the garage. They took the car for a test drive the light didnt come. I drove home every thing was fine. The next day after driving about 5 miles the light came on again. Back to the garage. When they started the car the light didn't come on. They check every thing and they couldn't find anything wrong. I drove home home nothing happen. What is going on. I am afraid to drive the car. Help Thanks
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Your car has On Board Diagnostics level 1 (OBD1), newer cars have OBD2 which has a lot more diagnostic capabilities. OBD1 only looks for shorts and opens in key emission system components. The Toyota OBD1 system is simple (no scan tool is required to retrieve trouble codes a paper clip can be used in conjunction with reading the number of flashes of the Check Engine Light on the dash once the key is in the on position and the E1 ,T1 connector is bridged in the diagnostic connector box in the engine compartment. It simple to check.
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