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Q: engine knock on 1997 Cadillac Catera

97 catera has engine knock,will knock when started up and quiets down once it warms up ,but does not go away entirely.
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caddy's like premium fuel. car will run on regular but it will knock. review when last tuned. if tune up needed, than consider following: replace spark plugs with premium type, upgrade ignition cables to performance type such as accel, upgrade air filter to high air flow type such as (k&n).
recommend fuel system clean. ethanol treatment to 1 tank premium. ethanol blend in modern fuel causes a lot of build up in fuel delivery, and combustion chambers that can effect performance and exhaust. it also creates increased wear on spark plugs.
also recommend oil stabilizer on next oil change to recondition seals and cylinders.
these are all things you can do yourself. if prob. persists, than bring in for for further inspection. good luck.
I know you know that this vehicle like some other cadillac vehicles are in non production, but in saying this firstly have you been performing preventive maintence by the schedule, oil,tune ups, etc? secondly how many miles are on this vehicle? are you using the recommended fuel octane level? Yes there are knocks that stay and some that go away once the vehicle reaches operating temp, also is there a check engine light on? I have loved cadillac for years, but find that when caddy tries at making a smaller model car there have in most times been "a few problems". I hate to say it but check for recalls,I know its an older vehicle, but check, there may be a few others that are having similar issues. Have the vehicle thoughly check, dont continue to wait, or just throw parts in it, may be something as small as a sensor malfunctioning, but I know that older vehicles need more care if preventive maintance has not been performed down thru the years, I have a 38, 28, and 21, year old vehicles, and they do require immediate care for problems of this nature, lets both hope it is not an internal engine issue. Also could be a moving part hitting an area, and once the engine smooths out the knocking subsides, How long has this been going on? Is it a knock or a Ping? ( a ping is a light tapping noise) there is also a spark knock caused by a spark plug firing too soon, so do have this checked by a professional.
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