Q: engine just died without sputter. wont turn over on 2007 Mazda B4000

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never a problem before. 122,000 k only on the engine. runs great otherwise.. only thing different lately.. is im broke, so the tank has been more empty than full. this day in perticular.. my other half added syphoned gas so he could make it to the store...grrr. the gauge registers a 1/8 tank still, so it didnt run out of gas. i cant seem to hear the fuel pump, but she was never very loud. could it be clogged? or did somehting burn out the pump... relay?... when i try to start it, it will crank, but not turn over.. though other than not starting, nothing else sounds wrong. .
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spark yes: fuel pressure, no. i found the red button on the passenger side. and reset it.. now i hear the fuel pump come on.. but it wont turn at all.. lost its charge? im checking fuses..
if you have fuel and spark, than it has to be with starter. solenoid or starter motor or relay. i like ur name...