Q: Engine is surging about 1000 rpms when warm. on 1997 Acura CL

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Recent purchase did maintenace of new belts and water pump. Started up and ilded bad. Up and down and screaming and up and down. THen after warmed up and all it sort of wandered about 1000 rpm's back from idle. Have not done anything else to it. Would like to correct it with right solution first rather than chase an idle issue around the motor with the cost of sensors and switches.


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Don't know if its too late now, but does your D4 light flash as well?, and is your check engine light on? Does your engine stall sometimes for no reason or does the rpm surge while your driving? i had the same problem you have but with these symptoms that I just listed. I replaced my throttle position sensor and i haven't experienced a problem of the sort since. You should check yours out to see if it needs replacement.