Q: Engine is sluggish on startup and tires chirp on 2005 Ford F-150

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I'm noticing that my engine seems to be sluggish when it start sometimes, I have checked the oil and it is clean and level. I'd like to know what anybody has for an idea as to how I can better pinpoint this. Also my rear tires seem to chirp or better yet, the rear end seems like it is about to come out from behind me whenever I hit a substantial bump on the road. Could it be time for new tires?
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If you mean the "engine cranks over slowly sometimes", it may be a weak battery. You have a 2005 and the battery is now 5 years old if it hasn't already been replaced. As far as the tire issue, I would check tire pressure first, quality of tires and how much tread is left. Depending on the mileage, it may also have a shock problem. Really need more info for this diagnostic...
Thanks, I definitely know I need to replace the tires. Now with the cranking problem here's what I noticed. Last week it wouldn't crank at all, I had to wait a minute and then it started fine. Probably the battery, now what I am noticing when I am on the highway is the engine feels like it is "slipping or skipping" around 45-50mph. The vehicle on has 56k on it. I'm thinking I need to clean the fuel system soon as well. If you have anymore tips I would really appreciate it.
I have all of these same symptoms.uch stronger shocks and chaned the tires with no significant change. The dealer tells me its normal nothing to worrie about. Some times its down right scary. My motor also started running sluggish at about 29000 mi. again the dealer says no problems with the sysyem. Not to plesed with this one of many f-150 I have owned.
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