Q: engine is missing and has lost some power on 1992 Honda Prelude

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i have a 92 prelude with a 2.3 dohc engine. It has 190000 miles on it. My problem started with when i had to slow down fast or come to all most a stop. When i began to give the car more gas it has no power and acts as if it wants to die. I then would feather the gas and it would pick back up, and run fine. This only happen off and on for a couple of weeks. Yesterday this happened again but now there is a miss in the engine and now it has less power and feels as if it has a slight miss when running at speed.
(3) Answers
Test V-TEC system. How long since last oil change and how often in between? If you are doing this yourself , first pull plugs and see if they give any obvious clues as to which cylinder(s) are misfiring.1992 is not OBDII , so you can't quite scan the same as newer ones. Need some old school knowledge with this. Check all the basics first. Check manifold vacuum with guage and reply with any more info , if you want more help.
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