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Q: Engine is blowing oil threw the exhaust pipes on 1995 Lincoln Continental

I've been having a lot of problems with my 95 Lincoln Continental since I bought it but this problem seems to be unsolvable. I was driving my car on the highway, I was doing about 55 mph, & then my car shut off & wouldnt cut back on. I took to a shop & they told me that the catylitic converters were clogged. I then went & got a catylitic converter & new pipes ran. But my car still blows oil from the exhaust & cuts off frequently when I'm driving it. I am also starting to notice that my car doesnt hold oil, I got 2 oil changes since the converters were unclogged & the oil ran rite out in a matter of days, & I also notice that my car is producing some strong fumes from the exhaust with like this grayish black smoke. I've been told by a few mechanics that my car is blowing oil. I want to know what is my problem & how do I solve it.
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If the engine oil is not leaking from the engine of your 1995 Lincoln Continental the only other possible cause for excess oil consumption would be that the oil is leaking past the piston rings or valve guide seals, or some other internal issue. But this should be addressed before it ruins the new catalytic converters as they are expensive.
I had a mechanic take the cover off the motor & he pointed out that one of the spark plugs had a lot of dried up oil on it. He said that 1 of the valves had to be cracked. I was wondering is their a liquid product that I can purchase at an autopart store that seals crack valves or is there another way to solve my problem?
You need to verify wether there is a restriction in the exhaust. Autozone usually has a pressure test kit that you can borrow for a small deposit. You can then unscrew the oxygen sensor and screw the tester fitting into the hole where the oxygen sensor came out. Have someone look at the pressure gauge as someone accelerates the engine. This is the best test to verify restrictions in exhaust systems. You should not have a very high reading. You spoke about excessive oil consumption. Put a piece of cardboard underneath the car when you park and let it sit for a while, then check to see if you have major oil leaks or if engine is consuming it. After doing these things, then reply back. Hope this helps.
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