Q: engine idles rough,stalls ect. on 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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daughter has a 1989 model, 2.8 v-6 , lately it has started stalling and idles very roughly to the point of stalling. Was told to check for vacumn leaks , which I have , also to lightly tap the mass air flow sensor with engine running and see if anything changed. No real progress. No one in area has tech 2 diagnostic to get codes. Any ideas? must keep this one running until daughter finishes school in a few months. Will greatly appreciate advice.
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Is the check engine light on? If so you don't have to have a tech 2 only. I'm sure someone has a MT 2500 (snapon) or a genysis (OTC).
How many miles on it? I had an `88 and discovered that the 3.3's and 3.8's can self-destruct at the camshaft sprocket. They used nylon gears for these sprockets to keep the motor quiet, not for longevity.
I had the same problem with my same model and year. It was the tort conveter on the transmission (not for sure if I spelled it right), but they unplug it because you really don't need it they said..It has been running better than it ever has.. it doesn't stall or run ruff anymore..Hope this helps you!
If it has a computer you can stick a paperclip in the connector under your stearing wheel has too be in two slots next to each other may have too move it around turn key off and on each time you move it
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