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Q: Engine Idle increases for no reason on 1990 Dodge Caravan

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After starting the engine and driving for a vew minutes Engine idle increases too fast frequently, Usually when I am setting at a trafic light or stop sign
Just replaced the engine with a rebuilt engine from LKQ250 after 200,000 on original engine
Engine is a 4 Cylinder 2.5 with a Manual transmition (5 Speed) Vehicle is actualy 1989
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It sounds like you have a vacuum leak. Carefully check all of your vacuum and emission hoses. On this engine there are a couple of vacuum hose Tee's. These "Tee's" are metered (they have an oriface installed in them) can cannot be replaced with a regular tee fitting. The correct one is usually Blue in color. I don't know if they are still available from you local dealership. Also, check your intake manifold and throttle body for leaks.
Thank you very much
I was begining to think that the problem is the fuel pump
I will carefully chech all of the vacum lines.
The engine does have a bracket brocken off the back of the engine where one side goes to the SMEC modual for fresh or heated air and the other side connects to the engine.
This bracket just broke off today. I heard it come off as I was driving. I pulled over to check what the loud bang was but I did not figure out what happened untill I got home
Hi Johnny Mopar,
I checked all of the vacum lines. Some of them had VERY Small cracks in the PVC type tubing that was used on the 1989 model that I have. I replaced the pvc type tubing with regular ruber vacum line reuseing the metered tee connectors. Now this vehicle runs almost as well as the day that I purchased it from canada.There is still something out of time. The vehicle still does Not have the tourque climbing the steep hills around this area like it use to have. Thank you for solving the Idle problem for me. That was driving me CRAZY. Not to mention Burning unnecessary gas. I will see If I can get the Tee connectors from one of the dealerships or an auto parts place at some point in time.
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