Q: Engine Idle Accelerates when transmission is engaged. on 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

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When the transmission is in Park the engine idles at 700-750 RPM. As soon as I shift to either Reverse or Drive the engine idle accellerates to around 1000RPM and wants to move on it's own. The brake must be applied to keep the truck from jumping forward or back. When in gear with brake applied the foot throttle does not respond and the idle remains high.
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The "Check Engine" light does not eluminate. When I attached a code reader to the truck no codes were reported. Is there an elctronic module on the transmission that could be either sending an erronious message or none at all to the engine computer module? Is there such a thing as a "Throttle Position Sensor" and could my problem be related to it? The problem only manifests it's self when the transmission is engaged from a complete stand still. I am in Mexico, so it would be difficult to drive it to the US for repairs. Please Help!
The code reader was an advanced professional model used at a local repair facility. I found it to be very reliable. However up till now it was only used on gas powered cars, not on diesels. Are their specific code readers for diesel powered vehicles?
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