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Q: Engine hesitates almost stalls from a dead stop and will not downshift to gain speed on 2000 Toyota 4Runner

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Check engine light was on so I had it hooked to an engine code analyzer and it indicated the throttle position sensor was the problem. Replaced the sensor with no improvement? Any suggestions?
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We would need to drive the car to experience the problem first hand and do some basic diagnostic tests before guessing. Has the Check Engine/Service Engine Soon light returned to being on? If so attaching a scan tool to the 16 pin diagnostic socket under the dash will retrieve trouble codes used to diagnose what is wrong or at least where to start looking for the problem. Even if the light is not on a " pending code" may be stored or with a professional grade scan tool different modes of diagnostic information can be read from the tool rather than doing intrusive testing at each sensor on the engine.
A professional grade scan tool was hooked initially to the connector under the dash. We learned that the throttle position sensor was the problem. We checked the sensor with an ohm meter and did not find a issue but I replaced it anyway. The check engine was cleared but now has returned? The hesitation/almost stalling is getting worse plus the transmission will not down shift. I can manually down shift with the shifter? The hesitation and the check engine came on last week and was hooked up to the scanner today with the sensor being replaced today.
did you ever get the problem fixed? My 95 4runner is having the same problem.
yes, The problem is fixed.
I took the throttle position sensor off that I purchased from a chain parts store and purchased one from Toyota only about $6 more and replaced with the new Toyota part. The problem immediately went away and the check engine light went off on its own. I feel certain that the code probably is still shows in the computer if it was hooked back up to a scanner.
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