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Q: engine hesitates on 1993 Nissan Pickup (D21)

low speed engine hesitates,take foot off gas petal and push back down and it get,s fuel.Runs good at high speed,anyone have any idea,s.Thank,s
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As previously said it could be many things. Depending on mileage and service history it may be time to check the basics. When was the last time the spark plugs were changed, check that compression is even, clean the throttle housing, fuel filter and air filter. I have seen a lot of distributor leak oil into the distributor which distorts the sensor signals in the distributor, (remove the distributor cap and ensure the distributor is not full of oil). Have the EGR system and ignition wires checked. There is an important Technical Service Bulletin NTB94-106 issued Nov 1994 regarding an electrical harness problem that could result in this type of driveability problem as well.
There are many possibilities that would cause a vehicle to hesitate. It would be best to have a qualified mechanic perform a diagnostic of your vehicles on board computer system, fuel system and Ignition system. The Aid of Special tools will be required to perform such test.
I had this same problem twice. Once it was a corroded connector on the water temp sensor. Another time it was a bad water temp sensor.
whats up buddy, hope this helps. my car did the same thing 4 cyl mazda protege, it was so bad that my car could only drive without sputtering if i gently accelerated, i went to autozone to check for any codes being thrown, i had a misfire in my 2nd cylinder, the correction was that the ignition coil pack had gone out, very cheap and easy fix. 35 bucks 2yr warranty and now NO hesitation, more horsepower. before, at lights when i went to go it would sput sput sputter then go, this was months before the extreme hesitation and even the misfire that was caused by a bad coil.
I have a 1985 chevy celebrity with 185,000 miles still runs grate but when takeing of it hesitates almost to a stal some times. Have not goten a chance to look at it but im thinking it might be the fule injectors
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