Q: Engine Fire on 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

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Always had regular maintenance done and any repairs needed, and with only 150,XXX miles on it and today after driving it for about 20min under normal conditions it caught fire in the engine compartment. After the fire was extinguished and it was inspected the cause was determined to be the fuel rail had melted and caught fire.
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I was suspecting it was a hose at the fuel rail or an injector that leaked and caused the fire. I seem to remember the injectors were made of plastic on ones I had replaced on that engine.
yeah the o-ring that was on the end of the fuel rail had failed and gas leaked out and caught fire which melted almost everything (except the Heads and engine block cause they are steel). I've called the company and told them what happened and they said they are going to put us in contact with their "investigation team". So we will see what happens.
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