Q: "Engine Failure mood" Coil+plug problem on 2006 Lincoln LS

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My car shows "Engine Failure mood" when I make sharp right turn, I taook it to dealer, the mechnics diagnose it as coil and plug prolem. It shows the coil 3 has problem, rest of coil and plug looks ok now. They suggested to change all coil and plug and cost about $1400+,but if only change the coil+ plug 3, one with problem now, then it cost about $400.

I am not sure if the price is reasnable, and should I change all, or just one, the third one with problem?

Many thanks!
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NAPA's first line Echlin parts ,list price, total is 584.00 as good a part as you can get!! This is for ALL coils and OE spark plugs. And it aint that much of a job to replace them, so you may want to check around a bit. Anyone, with a basic set of tools, that's handy with a wrench and has a little car savvy can do it. Now, since it is not that big a deal to change the parts, you may want to just replace the defective parts, that's up to YOU! The sharp right turn thing concerns me a little though but if a MECHANIC said it is the coil oh well.....!
Yes that's right, that is premium parts also! Full list price that anyone can buy them at.
Can you feel a misfire at times, like a jerking in the car? I just aint sure about this whole deal at all.
May want to get it checked again! Also is the check engine light on? If so have it scanned and post codes so we can be more help.
Advance Auto or Autozone will scan for free! If the light is on it has code(s).
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1400.00 is high but most likely good motocraft parts. i would use napa parts as long as the labor is simple. i rec good coil paks when the upper intake manifold needs to be removed to repl coils. also napa is nation wide so if an issue happens on the road you can get free parts in any town.good luck and seek a 2nd opinion
I agree 100% I think on this one it is just an access plate on the valve covers to remove. Advance Auto sells Motorcraft parts as well.
Anytime a job is labor intensive replace ALL parts with the best you can get.
As for coils, if one is bad -- unless it went bad early in its life -- the odds are great if one is bad the others can't be far behind. Everyone is different but I'm not that fond of getting into the engine compartment to replace one coil then having to do this again, and perhaps again, and again, when the other coils follow suite. May not be a hardship for some but for others (like me) I am very busy and do not have the time to be under the hood in my spare time. Also, since I'm out and about in my cars sometimes great distances from my home, I do not want to have to deal with perhaps replacing a plug in a motel parking lot some dark and wet night. I bought the car to sit in the driver's seat and enjoy the vehicle, not to spend time under the car wenching on it.
Sometimes $400.00 isn't a bargain if its times the number coils. $1400.00 sounds like alot and it is but in the long run your going to save money.
The price $1400.00 is too high. The cost is under $1000.00 for coil with plugs replacement.
Thanks for your answer. My car is 2006 but mileage is under 50, 000 miles. Do you think it needs change all?
No i would not but i can change them at will, so you be the judge. I would really like to know what code(s) were in the computer though!
Do you know, Like maybe a PO303?
I agree with wetry. Sounds like it could be a defect part rather than an age. A proper diagnosis is needed to pin point the correct problem.
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