engine dies anytime no accelleration on 1990 Mercury Cougar

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any time the accellorator is not engaged the car dies, like at corners or stop sign. Also on the dash "SSS" is showing. Is it a fuel issue or engine?
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im guessing it has the digital guages. i can think of a few things.

1)Vacuum leak (probably at the rear of the upper intake, the EGR.)
2)Heads warped or head gasket leak. Yellowish oil would confirm this condition.
3)Problem in the fuel system, possibly a worn fuel pump or faulty pressure regulator.
4)Incorrect timing.

I would expect the head gaskets, i had the same condition with mine, but to be 100% sure if its the head gaskets. you can rent a pressure tester from any auto parts store. I think the pressure should be around 100 psi. if any cylinder is signifigantly lower. this should be your problem