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Q: engine cuts out randomly. on 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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The engine shuts down completely at randome times the digital odometer, flashes then reads "no bus" and the dials all read 0. After a few minutes all the dials return to their proper spots and the milage reaappears. and I can then re start teh engine and drive normally. I have switched out the distributor, and the idler control, (as per the engine light instruction) Any other Ideas, I am thinking of having computer switched out.
You should have the diagnostic codes for the entire vehicle read out, and this cannot be done with basic code readers. The "No Bus" that the warning is referring to may be part of the Computer Network BUS, which is part of a network of computers in your vehicle. Diagnosing these issues can be very difficult for even a highly trained technician with all the special tools and many years of experience, trying to make do this yourself is opening a can of worms.
My advice is to take this to a repair shop to avoid wasting your money replacing parts, and creating even more problems that you will eventually have to pay someone to fix.
Probably not what you want to hear, but I've seen more problems created with this approach than have been solved.
computer have it change at dealer it can be the new one reprogram some how theres a bad ground clean your surface retighten or shorted pcm or lose connectors at computer which will cause in time to short out and need a new computer am giving you lots of time and errors learn the hard way you can change everything it will do the same thingin. my job as a technician
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