Q: engine cuts off when i take my foot off of the gas pedal on 2004 Mazda MPV

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ok here goes, when i take my foot of the gas pedal and the rpm's drop if they drop to quickly the engine cuts off, but if i catch it in time it doesnt, for instance "driving along and i take my foot off the gas pedal then press the brake it doesnt cut off, also if i take my foot off slowly it doesnt cut off, but if i take it off and do nothing it cuts out" starts straight away after.
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The idle speed is controlled electronically by an idle speed control motor, it may not be functioning correctly. It may need to be cleaned or replaced and the throttle body cleaned as carbon builds up around the throttle butterfly. A vacuum leak can also cause stalling so looking at the car first with a scan tool may show critical information to help diagnose what is wrong.
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