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Q: Engine Cooling System on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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I occasionally have problems with the tempurature of my car going a little too high. I had a new thermostat put in it about 2-3 months ago and it has been doing fine with the temperature gauge inside the car staying in normal range at about halfway. Every so often(3-4 weeks) the temperature gauge will shoot up when I restart the engine after driving it and turnig it off to run in the store etc and then it comes back down to normal range. Occasionally when it does that it will start to overheat but then it cools down and it seem fine. Like I said I've had the thermostat replaced, it's not leaking fluid, and the fluid stays filled regularly. Would draining and cleaning the coolant system help, should I get the water pump checked or both?
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I have an 02 cruiser with 115k miles that we bought new...we were having overheating problems and when you parked it you could hear the radiator overflow bottle gurgling and boiling...i also was noticing a few wet spots under the passenger front side....
after reading tons of posts on several websites like this one, this is what i extremely thorough cooling system flush, AND we bought and installed the following new parts.....
aftermarket radiator (only $81), thermostat, rad cap, and the metal tube from the back of the water pump that the rad hose connects to.......and 2 gallons of the special chrysler antifreeze....
turns out the main culprit was that over the years when i did routine checks on fluid levels, i would put in the green antifreeze and when mixed with the original factory chrysler yellow/ orange coolant will turn your cooling fluid into pudding and clog the radiator and create blockages in alot of the cooling also corroded that metal tube leading from the backside of the water pump to the radiator hose...thats where my water leak was coming old radiator actually weighed about 4 pounds more than the brand new one due to all the blockage and corrosion build has been running just fine all summer thru the 95-100 degree St Louis weather.........
hi this is triump 68 i also have a 2002 pt same deal i had problem overheating i flushed eveything out replaced thermostat coolant rad cap.drove the car for about 3 or 4 weeks everything seemed find.then it started to overheat after 4or 5 miles but i can stop the car and let idle it cools down until i start driving again. ive been told since its not leaking or steaming out the tail pipe that it could be water pump due to the impeller being lose .my problem seems alot like yours so let me know if you get yours fixed thank you.triump68
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