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Q: Engine cooling fans on 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

There are 2 cooling fans, the one on the driver's side comes on when engine heats up or if AC is on. The fan on the passenger side does not seem to be running at all. Shouldn't one of the fans run at all times? If not when should the passenger side fan come on?
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there are 2 fans to aid in cooling the engine during heavy loads and at high temperatures. When the A/C is on ( or the defroster which also uses the A/C system to dehumidify the windshield ) the engine is hit with a 20 horsepower load and the A/C condenser near the radiator, gives off a lot of heat, 200 + degrees on a hot days. During these periods of operation at least 1 fan should run.
During the cold weather, it is not uncommon for neither cooling fan to operate because as you drive the wind through the radiator cools the engine and coolant sufficiently. Is your car overheating at all? If you are very concerned about the operation of both the cooling fans, a good mechanic could use a scan tool to verify that both fans do in fact operate. My 2 fans only come on when the outside temp is 90-100 and I'm in stop and go traffic with the A/C working.
I replaced the fan unit, my check engine light still on. Passenger fan still not working. Live in Ga need to pass emissions. Are all the relay switchs the same part??? Frustrated need to correct problem.
the fans only come on at a certain temp i have a 95 monte carlo it has two fans in the winter the so called passenger side does come on at all during the winter time it does in the summer when the ac is running the other one comes on when it wants to at a certain temp
what did u do, to get the passenger side fan to work im having that problem to... please email
Ok having the same problem, my engine light is on, replace the whole unit itself, still the passenger fan wont work. Very frustrated since I live in GA and need to pass emissions. Are all three relay switchs the same? Can you help.
The first thing to do is make sure that the fan motor is good. You can test this by making a jumper wire across the fan relay. It is under the right hand side under the fender to nose support marked coolant fan #1. Jump across the post #30 to #85. If the fan spins, it is good. If not, replace the fan.
Next if the fan spins, jump across the coolant switch. It is located in the intake manifold on the driver side. Pull the plug (or wires) off and jump across them. If the fan spins, the switch is bad. If not, the controller is bad (the only thing lift).
Hope this helped.
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