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Q: Engine Bucking and Kicking on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

Have a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8Turbo (station wagon) that recently began "bucking and kicking" as i drive. At first i thought transmission (it began while going up a hill at 55 mph, felt almost like transmission slipping), BUT it continues to buck when idling at a stop sign, and even in park after driving for a while. Also, it seems to need to "warm up" for a minute or two before the bucking stars. I drove it for about 2.5 miles this morning, and it didn't start bucking until close to the 2 mile mark.
I've tried dry gas, figuring it was moisture in the lines due to the weather, but so far that has not helped. Also been told it COULD be the spark plugs, but i'm not much of a car guy and i'm not exactly sure how to get at these (VW owners are probably aware that every compartment of the engine seems to come covered with a plastic puzzle box). What should i do!?!
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These engines had a problem with the ignition coils, and if they are acting up, you will have a check engine light on, and possibly flashing. Is the light on?
You need to get this addressed, otherwise you can damage your catalytic converter. If the recall applies to your vehicle, they should be able to take care of this, or get you a vehicle to drive, since driving your vehicle is going to create more damage.
If a recall applies, you don't need a notice from them. I would take this in to VW as soon as possible and tell them you don't want to drive this, it is dangerous and is going to damage the catalytic converter. Ask them what they can do for you.
Good Luck
Good to hear you got it fixed. Check out this site, it may be just what your looking for.
Yes. When i first experienced the problem, the check engine light began blinking (this was on a friday). Put approx. 5 miles on the car over the weekend (over the course of 4 or 5 very short trips), and eventually instead of blinking, the check engine light turned on permanently. When the car gets really shaking, the check engine light blinks again.

There is currently a recall on the engine coils, however VW apparently does not have the part in until they send me ANOTHER recall notice, i have to wait for the parts to arrive. simply cannot afford to go to a mechanic and have it fixed (just dropped 600 in repairs for tires and a CV shaft). is there any fix i can try on my own before giving in and taking it to the mechanic?
Sure enough, it was an engine coil. Had to take it to a local mechanic on my lunch break at work (the nearest VW dealership is 20+ miles away). ended up costing me about $200...going to find my recall paperwork (that wonderful "we don't have the part but will eventually contact you" recall), and if it IS the ignition coil, i'll be pursuing a refund from VW.

thank you for all your help! i'm sure if i can't find a place to trade this car in within the next month, i'll be back with MORE issues!!
what happens is it a power problem .. mine would do the same thing when just driving on the highway. i need to get a voltage meter and turn it on and check connections. it will prob start with the alternator . maybe when u drive it quit's working for a sec and pretty much u start misfiring bc loss of power .. it feel's like your engine is freezing up .. POWER PROGB
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