Q: Engine and ABS lights wont go off on 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

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I bought my car in July and I am pretty sure the breaks were done and then when my car was hit in October on the street, the mechanic that fixed my car did the back breaks. I come home from college and the ABS and Break lights stay on. I brought it in and they said it was that the brakes were fine as far as they could see and that there was some sort of blockage in the rear abs and I would have to go to a dealer to get it fixed. What does this mean? I have to drive a far distance over a moutnian this weekend will I be ok? The breaks seem fine!
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The Anti-lock Brake System in your 1997 Pontiac Sunfire has a fault. This fault seems to be affecting only the Anti-lock Brake function, the regular braking system is functioning normally. You should be OK to take your trip as long as you don't find yourself in a panic situation where your Anti-lock Brakes will be needed. That being said, you should have your Anti-lock Brake system inspected and repaired at some point because it is an important safety system in your vehicle. There are a lot of good independent repair shops who can diagnose and repair Anti-lock Brake systems. Please use the following link for a listing of repair shops near you - You may need to contact some of these shops to find out if they can perform the repairs you need.