Q: engine on 2006 Dodge Magnum

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Recently my magnum has been almost sputtering while stopped at lights. Its not all the time but frequent enough to worry me. Its not quite a sputter, kinda acts like its running rough for a second, acts like its gonna stall. I'm thinkin a fuel system problem because I hear a faint thump noise in the rear of the car right after the engine acts funny. I'm not a mechanic nor do I have enough money for a big repair so I hope this is minor. What's your opinion on this??
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Do you have any check engine light on? If not, then you need a complete fuel injection service. Go to There you can find a shop that performs that service correctly. If you have anymore questions contact me at
I had this problem. I have an 05 and it was a vaccum seal leak. I had to carry it to the dealership. It cost about $175 but the part was $25...
We have had this same issue with our 2005 Magnum. The dealership determined that it was carbon build up on the engine. Apparently common. Our's actually did stall out when I was making a U'turn at a light. They charged us to remove the carbon build up and it seems to be doing ok.
Just curious how much they charged you to get this fixed. I already paid $1400 to fix problems they thought were causing issue now I brought to another dealership that said it was a carbon buildup and will cost aprox $750. Thanks
I also have an '06 magnum which does the same thing. It has done it since I purchaed the car new. It has never shut off when this happens so I have kinda just assumed it was ok. Sorry no real answer for your question, but you are not alone.
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