Q: engine on 1994 Chevrolet Impala SS

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i have a chevy engine how do i tell what size the engine is 283 or 350 or 454 or 327 do the engine have marking to tell you what size the engine is
(3) Answers
The ID numbers are stamped on the engine pad in the front where the head meets the block, write those numbers down and either go to the book store or library and look for a book called Chevrolet ID numbers or look online under Chevrolet engine identification
Would expect to find something on the engine itself or maybe on the vehicle label on the driver's door frame.

Also, you can call your dealership with your VIN or look it up by VIN online.
the eight digit of the vin # is the engine code on this year of vehicle. if you check out auto parts houses, they can usually access this info so you can match it up.