Emergency Flashers on BMW 325Ci

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2003 BMW 325Ci 110,000 mi,
Started with door locks locking & unlocking w/flashers going off. Then no high beam, doors will not lock w/ inside lock. I turn off flasher and will go off for a while then just start again

Same problem, trying to find resolution

2003 BMW 325Ci 135,789 mi,
flashers go on by them selfs

Emergency Flashers on 2004 Ci go on for no apparent reason several times a day

2003 BMW 325xi emergency flasher come on for no apparent reason

hazard lights flashes by it self.

That would happen to me too, at night I would roll down the back windows because I live in a very hot area. Several times I was awakened by concerned neighbors saying my hazard lights were on. One night I went to take out the trash and noticed they were going off again. When I went to go investigate I found my cat sleeping inside, ontop off my hazard light button. Mystery solved. But thats just in my case.