Q: Emergency brake adjustment? on 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

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I have a 2001 Town & Country Limited AWD and recently freed up the emergency brake cable at both rear wheels by using PB Blaster and working a rusted part/cam free (on the inboard side of the drum, below the caliper). My next problem is that the parking brake won't keep the vehicle from rolling. I do not see an adjustment or tightener mechanism on the cable under the vehicle. How do I tighten the cable? Or, are there special pads just for the parking brake that need to be replaced? Thanks!
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you have to adjust them by removing the rear brake rotor and then you adjust them the same way you adjust brake shoes. (The emergency brake shoes are under the rotor.) You rotate the star wheel i think clockwise? to tighten the pads. you have a trail and error time with the adjustment. I had the same problem..