Q: electronic throttle assembly? on 2006 Ford Freestyle

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a wrench icon appeared then went away, suppose to be a throttle assembly went bad? It went on after the car was idleing abt. 20 min. Did my errands, then shut off. 45min later went to start car and the wrench icon was gone. Never went on again, but mech, said it was in limp mode needed to be replaced, but Ford has back ordered the part meanwhile no car.

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MIne did this and never came on again as well. A friend of mine who is a mechanic said he has never had to replace one of these. He said that the throttle thing gets gunked up over time so you need a tooth brush and some cleaner from the parts store and clean the throttle body out. This has a thing that opens and closes a plate if you will that opens and closes. We did this and haven't had another problem. The car is designed to go into limp mode to save the car from tearing up on you so you can get home or to safe place.
I replaced my throttle body and peddle sensor and still dose something I drove for about 20 mins wrench light comes on again
try having fuel induction service done. It cleans out you fuel injectors and varios parts of the fuel system. I was primarily having problems with my car lurching when going from park to reverse or at anytime trying to make a turn from a complete start. Ford wanted to replace throttle body but while waiting on part we went ahead and got the Fuel Induction service (only $125) and it has solved my problem. Car is no longer lurching and throttle it not idling roughly and MPG is up.
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