Q: Electronic Throttle on 2005 Ford Expedition

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I'm getting a message on my message center that says "check electronic throttle??? can't remember what else. When the message appeared the car shut down, I had to put it in park and restart.
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This vehicle is equipped with an electronic throttle plate or drive-by-wire system. This means there is no accelerator cable opening the throttle, it is all electronically operated. Many times when an ETC problem occurs, the vehicle will run but only idle and will not react to you stepping on the gas pedal. Is it still accelerating and running normally except the time it stalled? Is the "Check Engine" light on?
I don't recall seeing the "Check Engine Light" on. And yes after I re-start the car it accelerates and runs normally
It sounds like the problem may be intermittent or just beginning. I would monitor its actions for the next several days to see if anything out of the ordinary occurs. If the problem persists, then I would recommend getting it checked out by your chosen auto repair technician or shop. If you don't currently have a shop you use, I can offer our services. Check out my website at for info and a coupon you can use as a new customer.
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