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Q: Electronic Issues on 2002 Volvo S60

1. I there a way to turn off the headlights for daytime driving. The bulbs burn out too often.

2. The instrument panel goes black with no instruments working. I was quoted $1,300.00 to replace it. Is there a cheeper way to remedy the problem?

What do the following fuse titles refer to: BCM, RTI Display, Central Electronic Module, SRS and ECM?

Thank you.
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1. You need to take the car to a Volvo Dealership, or an independent shop that has the computer that can re-program the headlight settings.
2. Without diagnosing the problem, I can't say. Did they say what they are replacing and why?
3. BCM - Body Control Module = Controls the ABS and traction control systems.
RTI - Road/Traffic Information= GPS system
CEM - Central Electronic Module = Your vehicle has a network of on-board computers, and the CEM is the main computer for that network.
SRS - Supplemental Restraint System = This controls all the airbags and seat belts
ECM - Engine Control Module = Controls the operation of the engine
Hey Tessie,
There are companies that repair instrument panels. They normally deal with vehicles that have common failures, and I don't know of the DIM on the S60 failing very often.
I would still contact them and see if they have any info, here is their site:
I have a few questions:
a) Is this a Volvo Dealership?
b) Independent Volvo Shop?
c) Did the shop check all the literature from Volvo? Technical Service Bulletins? Recalls? Volvo Tech Net Notes (available at dealer only)?
The reason I ask is, this may be a known issue, and some of these can either be addressed with new software or by other means. It still may need a DIM, but you just want to make sure they have gone through the appropriate diagnosis before replacing such an expensive part.
Here is another company you should check out:
They're a UK company but have a rebuilding facility here in the US. I don't believe they have a fix for this issue, but contact them anyway.
Re: #2 - I was told that I would need a DIM ($938.00)and a SW ($63.00) plus tax = $1,081.00. Labor would be 2.5 hours @ $90.00 per hour.

Thanks again.
The quote was from an independent Volvo Tech shop.
Volvo USA said that they could "work something out" if I had regular dealer service records, which I don't.
Yes you can have them change the headlight settings by making a software adjustment. I bought a 2002 S 60 in 2005 and they charged me $250 to do this. I would think that this can be negotiated or taken elsewhere and done. As far as the dashboard module my price to fix this in 2011 was $1200. There is no way around that that I can see. When I had the module replaced the car had about 185k miles on it.
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