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Q: Electrically Issues, De-Winterizer Needed, Possible Leak of Coolant, Water Leaks on 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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My car constantly needs coolant...I could have just put some in 5 minutes ago and 1-2 minutes the light to add more coolant will come on. Something may be wrong with my thermostat, because on rare occassions my heat will just automatically start working. The inside of my winsheild will freeze but the outside will be unfroze. There's times when my automatic window will not roll down on the driver side of the car. Just recently before both my regular lights & head lights went out, they would cut completely off and turn everything else off on the dashboard, for no reason at all...And then sometimes, come back on.
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If you dont see coolant on clean driveway,, you have serious problem...either it is leaking into engine (usually see white smoke or steam out tailpipe) OR your heater core which sound more likely since you have steam inside the car.
Thank you for your reply back for it was very accurate....Took it to 2 different shops and they all said the same thing....Basically long story short, i almost blew my engine and it costed me almost $1700 to get it fixed. Plus there were other things wrong as my Thermostat blew, my Radiator died, and like you said there was oil and coolant mixture in the compressor which blocked the heat from blowing. Thanks
Yikes! actually worse than I would have thought, although I wonder how much "extra" they did that was not necessary...they should have been able to just replace the head gasket to keep the oil and water from ever meeting again lol ----and then flush out the system with a degreasing solution!?? It is doubtful that your radiator and thermostat was bad as you made no mention of the car overheating.. If a thermostat is faulty (not opening or closing) your car will not ask for coolant---it will over heat in a very short time and you will get almost no heat,,, also puzzling is the radiator dying!? The system is somewhat pressurized but,, not enough to kill the radiator(which has a pressure release on it). You may have been victim to the old "overfix" routine. The water getting into the oil is VERY serious indeed but, it seems to me just a good flush of the system would have taken care of the rest of the issues. Thanks for responding, hope all goes better down the road....take care
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